What are Escape Games

Today we’re going to be talking about escape games. If up until now you thought escape games were something your children played in the garden when they’re bored, or a computer game you have absolutely no interest in finding out about, you couldn’t be more wrong. You’ll be pleased to know that escape is a game for adults and older children. It’s a game that’s played out in a themed room and not a computer screen, or a garden. In fact, it’s a game where you have to use your brain, think carefully and work out a series of puzzles and cryptic clues in order to escape.

60 Minutes To Escape – And Only Your Friends To Help You

Is that it? Well, no because you only have an hour to work out all the puzzles and clues before you get out – so 60 minutes isn’t that long. You’ll need to keep your wits about you and have a team that’s as sharp-witted as you are. Communication is key and allowing everyone to communicate their ideas so you have a better chance of escape, everyone gets their say and that’s important. Collect all your clues together, and then on the final home run, work them out so you can get out within the hour.

Themed Rooms That Are Fun and Capture The Imagination

The themes are a real mix of popular cultural influences, there’s the Da Vinci Room, and Area 51, and working creatively together you can solve the puzzles in the themed room of your choice. Lose yourself in your imagination and enjoy the hour you’re in there.

Escape Games Are Popular With A Wide Variety Of Different Groups

Escape games are enjoyed by a variety of different people, we have students, corporate teams, hen and stag dos, birthday parties and people who come just for a break away from the chaos of daily life. They’ll often bring their families or close friends, it’s a great way of breaking the ice and bonding with new people, so if you’re welcoming a new team member at work or a new student at your university, this is a great way to introduce them to your friends.

Escape Games, Doncaster For The Best, Most Unique Way Of Relaxing With Friends

If you want try escape games out for yourself and find out why they are so popular right now, why not visit us here at Escape Doncaster.