Five Fantastic Team Building Activities

We believe our escape games here at Doncaster are the best for corporate team building, but we’re going to go through a few more so you’ll have a choice of where to take your team. It’s a great way to identify new skills, old hidden ones and for your people to get out of the office and be in a new environment with their peers.

1 Scavenger Hunt

Good communication and engagement are on the cards here if your team take part in a scavenger hunt. You can move around your town or city, so everyone’s getting some fresh air, and while you’re out and about, you collect a series of clues and collect physical items, such as photographs. Once you’ve completed your hunt you get a prize, whichever team gets there first of course. 

2 Boot Camp

Boot camp is one for the fittest and most energetic of your team. It’s delivered by ex-military and it’s designed to test the more physical side of your team’s skills. There’s combat techniques and survival as well as escape and evade and a good amount of problems solving, which is good for any team building exercise. There’s also a degree of communication required and of course, supporting your team mates which builds camaraderie and helps people to bond.

3 Sports Day

A sports day with your team mates can be organised within your organisation’s grounds or you can go to a pre-arranged one somewhere else if you don’t have the facilities to support this. It’ll create a healthy bit of competition between team members and you can even have some medals for the winners and an opening and closing ceremony. It’ll be great way for your team members to socialise, communicate, and bond with each other. 

4 It’s a knockout

This is a TV show favourite from the 70s and if you’ve seen I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, then you’ll have seen something similar there. There’s water, trees, lots of outdoor space and plenty of opportunity for you to get wet and dirty while you try to clear some obstacles and get to the finishing line quicker than your team mates. It’s not for the nervous, but it’ll help break the ice and get the shy out of their dark office corners. 

5 Escape Doncaster

Escape games are the best in team building activities, even if we do say so ourselves. You’re locked in a room with between 2 to 6 people, and while in there you have to find and solve a series of clues, and once solved and you’ve got the key, you can escape. This isn’t as simple as it sounds because you’ll have to work as a team, and you’ll need good powers of observation, and great communication skills. All of these are skills needed back at the office. We definitely think it’s one of the best, so book your escape room today and we’ll see you and your team down here!