Who Visits Escape Doncaster?

Today we’re talking about the type of people who visit Doncaster’s Escape Games. You might be surprised to know there’s quite a range. There’s quite a wide range of people who get a lot of different things out of coming here and playing Escape.

Corporate teams love the skills they can pick up.

First off, we’re going to start with corporate teams. Corporate teams can be in any business, but they usually come because there’s some team building to be done. It can be because the team leader wants to see whose strengths and weaknesses can be utilised effectively or perhaps because they want to work on weaknesses, such as communication skills or problem solving. It’s also a great opportunity to just get away from the office and have a day out – and that always makes for a great way to relax for the workers.

Students use it as a way to get away from their studies.

Students also enjoy the escape games as it’s a great way to unwind, get away from the desk and destress. Our Escape Games are the perfect way to break the ice with new students or to catch up with friends they may not have seen for a while.

Family and friends come to spend time together.

Family and friends love the escape games because it’s the ideal opportunity to catch up with loved ones and let their hair down. They love to hire a room and just enjoy the atmosphere of fun with people they know really well, and trying to solve the puzzles and clues together as a team.

Celebrations with friends or family.

Finally, we have people coming to our escape rooms here in Doncaster who are celebrating an important life event. It may be a hen or stag do, a birthday or any other event worth celebrating. Maybe it’s another special event, an anniversary perhaps, or simply to just celebrate life!