Escape Doncaster - How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

Have you booked a room with us here at Escape Doncaster? In which case you’ll be eager to know what it takes to be successful. After all you only have 60 minutes to escape and that doesn’t give you much time. Today we’re giving out some hints and tips, so you’ll have a better chance of getting out and winning along with your team. 

You’ll need a multi-talented group of people.

You’ll need a variety of skills if you do want to win. There’ll be some tough clues to work out and they’re hidden everywhere, from top to bottom. All problem-solving, communication and analytical skills are required, so you’ll need to hand pick only the best who have these skills in abundance. Also, you’ll need someone who’s good at delegating and can manage the team effectively without taking part much in the actual search for clues, and everyone needs to be good at communicating as we’ve already mentioned. 

Search everywhere and don’t lose the clues.

You’ll need to search everywhere and once you’ve found each clue, you’ll need to place them in one area until you have them all. Don’t just discard them in one area and then another somewhere else until they’re scattered all over the shop. If you lose or, or even worse two, you’re scuppered. All the clues need to be kept together so they can be worked out together – there’s a uniform pattern that needs to be developed. 

Do not remain stuck on one clue.

If you find yourself stuck on one clue, don’t dwell on it, move on to the next and then work out the one you were stuck on at the end. If you waste too much time on one you don’t get, then you could waste precious minutes which could be better spent elsewhere. 

Don’t bring big egos with you.

Make sure you bring all the best team players along with you – there’s no ‘I’ in team. Don’t bring those who want to take over and literally control everyone else in the process. This isn’t a one-man operation, this is a team event and everyone’s contribution counts – so don’t let one person dominate. Obviously, you’ll have someone who delegates and guides the rest, but that person should hopefully also be a team player who roots for everyone else too.

Escape Doncaster – your one successful hour of fun in the most original Escape Room game of all.

Now you have a few clues as to how to win the game, why not book your room with us, choose one of the themes from our website, think carefully and try and pick one you know will be popular with your team, then book. We have several themes that are based on popular culture and there’s bound to be something that hits the right note. You can book your room either online or over the phone, you’ll speak to one of our friendly team and once you do make it over here, we can promise you, you’ll have a brilliant time – you and your friends!