Enhance Team Work With Escape Games

If you’ve heard of escape games mentioned in the same breath as team work, you may be wondering what’s the connection and why should you care? However, if you run a company and hire a lot of staff, then you’ll be interested in a harmonious and productive work environment and escape games can help with that, but how?

Escape games are a fantastic team building exercises, and this is the main reason why companies such as yourself use them to help build a strong team. So how do escape games work?

Solve the puzzles escape, within the hour

Escape games consist of a team of people being locked in a room for 60 minutes where they must find some cryptic clues and puzzles, then work them out and use them to find a way out of the room. The rooms are all themed differently, and you choose which one you most want to use.

Communication skills

What’s great about the escape game is that while your team are locked in there you must all communicate with each other in order to get out, thus encouraging communication skills. This will also help to break the ice and help new members of the team to bond with their fellow team mates.

Who works best as part of a team?

There may be some of them that believe themselves to be individuals rather than team players however this activity makes each individual reliant on their co-workers in order to be successful. This may not be what you’re looking for, although using your initiative is always welcome, you want people who can work together to get the same results. So, this is an ideal opportunity to see which of your team are able to work together well as a team.

Fancy Taking on the Escape Game Challenge at Doncaster?

Book your team in to take on one of our many games to improve your team work and have a bit of fun when you're at it.

Top tips for escape doncaster

Are you looking to visit Escape Doncaster soon and looking for some helpful tips of how to escape our room in under 60 minutes? We have created a quick list of activities which will ensure you succeed with your friends and colleagues as you work together against the clock.

Work Together

No matter whether you're visiting Escape Doncaster on a family day out or as part of a work team building session it is important that you work as a team. You’re going to be locked in a room with a group of people and the only way you will successfully escape is if you communicate effectively and work together. If it’s a work team building exercise the whole point is to bond with new and existing team members so you might not actually know your companions in the locked room. 

Pick the Best Skills Available

When you begin your challenge, it is recommended that you utilise every individuals skills. Identify which areas are each individuals strength and use that in order to successfully escape. Discover and appoint individuals with tasks based on their numerical skills, communication skills. Also think about who in group can think without the box which is often required when tackling an escape room. Work together and remember to support each other but individual tasks ensures that everyone will have a sense of achievement when beating the Escape room.

Don’t Let Anyone Dominate Proceedings

Of course when you are under pressure and the time is ticking it is easy to become frustrated and flustered. The most important advice we can give you is not to freak out or try and take complete control if someone is working on a clue that takes a little longer. Support each other and assist if required, working as a team is what’s needed, with everyone getting a fair chance to crack the clues and puzzles.

Pay Attention

Make sure that throughout the game you observe carefully everything around you. With only 60 minutes on the clock don’t sit still because every minute counts and there’s a potential clue in every book or chair in that room. Search everywhere and don't leave any stone uncovered, maybe even split the room into sections so each team member can assist in ensuring all hidden clues are found.

Don’t Lose Anything

Once you have found all the clues it is important not to become complacent. Ensure that you keep a hold of every clue and remember where you put them! When you are against the clock and have pressure it can be easy to accidentally lose a vital clue. Everything is strategically placed somewhere in that room for a reason, so you can piece together a clue that helps you get out.

Escape Doncaster – Put Your Problem Solving Skills to the Test

All these hints should help you be successful with our Escape Doncaster rooms. If you think you can now take on the challenge why not get in touch and take on one of our games? We have a choice of themed rooms and you can pit yourself against each other in teams of more than one, which one of you will escape first?